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season 3 finale

Radical Self Love: Battling Body Image with Lena Harbali

Tazeen and fashion designer, Lena Harbali, discuss radical self love and how to battle body image issues, especially as women and girls.

Check out Lena on social media:

IG: @lenaharbali


Check out Lena's free monthly sewing workshops

season 3 episode 10

Living Legacies: Exploring Identity (through Elders/Ancestors) with Namira Islam

Tazeen and co-founder and executive director of Muslim-ARC, Namira Islam, explore identity through the lens of elders and ancestors.

Check out Namira's work at Muslim-ARC.

season 3 episode 9

Black Music, Civil Rights and Activism with Tariq Gardner

Tazeen and drummer and composer, Tariq Gardner, talk about music education when it comes to Jazz and Blues AKA Black Music and what it has to do with Civil Rights and Activism.

Check out Tariq and more of his work on his Instagram @afro.nautic

season 3: episode 8

Activism: An Expression of Creativity with Asha Noor

Tazeen and activist, Asha Noor, discuss activism as an expression of creativity.

Check out Asha’s work and book her for events on Instagram.

season 3: episode 7

Liberation through Expression with Supreme Flows

Tazeen and rapper, song writer, producer, and curator, Supreme Flows, discuss liberation through expression.

Check out his video, “Honest,” and more music on his Soundcloud. He’s also on IG @supreme_flows.

season 3: episode 6

Hip Hop and Cooking: Gathering Community with Adela Bejo

Tazeen and baker and owner of Hip Hop Bake Shop, Adela Bejo, discuss Hip Hip & Cooking and how both are a means of bringing people together. Adela shows us how to crimp a pie crust and samples several baked items for her menu.

Check out her goods at and her Instagram @hiphopbakeshop.

season 3: episode 5

Home and the Creative Self with Hind Ourahou

Tazeen and designer and maker, Hind Ourahou, discuss what is home and how it relates to the creative self and the creative process.

Season 3: episode 4

Culture as a Tool for Artists with Juuni

Tazeen and rhythmist, Juuni, discuss how culture is a tool for artists.

Be sure to check out Juuni and his current organization D.Cipher, which has multiple events in Detroit.

season 3: episode 3

Building Connections with Becky Scarcello

Tazeen and Becky Scarcello, discuss the importance of building connections and networking for both artists and supports of the arts.

Check out Becky’s podcast, D Brief, and her Feet on the Street tours!

season 3: episode 2

Learning from Elders with Karen Tomalis

Tazeen and Jazz drummer, Karen Tomalis, discuss the importance of learning from Elders and mentorship.

season 3: episode 1

Community Building with Asya “IzMe” Ziyad

Tazeen and singer/songwriter and community builder, Asya "IZME" Ziyad talk about the ins and outs of community building, especially as artists.

Check out Asya @asyaizme on all social media platforms and come out to her next event: The Kickback: Self Care Jam Session.

season 2 finale! (episode 12)

The Maqam of Music: Heavenly Breaths and Cultural Melodies with Ali Hussain

Tazeen and PhD Candidate and author, Ali Hussain, discuss Arabic maqam (similar to scales) and its spiritual and cultural relevance in music and identity.

Check out Ali Hussain’s book Mystical Musings of a Contemporary Dervish.

season 2: episode 11

Dealing with Transitions with Misty Lyn Bergeron

Tazeen and singer/songwriter and photographer, Misty Lyn Bergeron, discuss how to deal with transitions and anxieties as an artist.

Check out all things Misty at

season 2: episode 10

The Importance of Supporting Local Artists with Christina Rountree

Tazeen, and graphic artist and singer, discuss the importance of supporting local artists and how to best support them. 

Check out Christina's work on her media Instagram.

season 2: episode 9

Making Home as a Person of Diaspora with Noura Balout

Tazeen, and co-owner of Bottomline Coffee House and Detroit Grinds, Noura Balout, discuss how to create home as a person of diaspora. 

If you're in Detroit, make sure you check out The Bottomline Coffeehouse as well Detroit Grinds.

season 2: episode 8

The Power of Narrative with Zain Shamoon

Tazeen and Zain Shamoon discuss the power of narratives and reclaiming one's own stories.

Tazeen and Zain Shamoon discuss the power of narratives and reclaiming one's own stories. Check out Zain's work on his IG @zainshamoonartist

season 2: episode 7

Finding Your Flow with supercoolwicked

Tazeen and supercoolwicked, AKA Morgan Hutson, talk about how to find your flow in music/art-making and creating.

Check out Morgan's IG for more of her work!

season 2: episode 6

Guitar: A Way of Life with Trey Priest

Tazeen and guitarist Trey Priest discuss Trey's guitar journey and how it relates to other aspects of life.

Check out Trey Priest and his new upcoming projects on his website.

season 2: episode 5

Dancing with the Divine with Shaykh Kafani Ibrahim Hassan Cisse

Tazeen and Shaykh Kafani discuss the spirituality of dance, specifically African dance. 

Follow Kafani on Instagram and check out the videos Kafani is featured in below!

White Noise by Disclosure

Shango by Waajeed

Kingdom by Waajeed

season 2: Episode 4

Color, Reflections, and Memories with Joel Geffen

Tazeen and professor and photographer, Joel Geffen, discuss color and photography as they relate to memories and personal reflections. 

Check out Joel and his photography on his Facebook.  

season 2: episode 3

Using Mindfulness in Education with Dr. Joyce Piert

Tazeen and Dr. P discuss mindfulness and how to use in education, both with students and teachers. 

Check out Dr. P's work at the New Evolution Education Center and read her book, Alchemy of the Soul

season 2: episode 2

Curating Detroit Culture with Joel Fluent Greene

Tazeen and native Detroit poet, Joel Fluent Greene, discuss curating Detroit culture and how the poetry scene has changed in Detroit over the years.

Check out Joel's work and latest book on his website.

Check out Detroit's Open Mic schedule on Facebook

season 2: episode 1

Spiritual Inclusivity with Nique Love Rhodes

Tazeen and Nique Love Rhodes from The NLR Experience discuss how spiritual inclusivity fuels arts and activism, and the power in finding truth in spiritual beliefs other than one's own spiritual inclusivity

Check out Nique's band NLR in Detroit! 

episode 14: season finale

The Metaphysics of Sound with Lu Fuki

Tazeen and her husband, guitarist and composer, Lu Fuki, discuss the metaphysics of sound and it relates to meditation, reflection, and spiritual growth.

Check out Lu Fuki and Divine Providence for updates about upcoming shows and the album release! 

episode 13

Death and Deadlines with Kanem X

Tazeen and Kanem X discuss death and deadlines as it relates to artists, creativity, and goal-setting.

Topic idea and quote from Austin Kleon.

Check out Kanem X and the May Moons 

episode 12

Merging Selves: Poetry, Politics, and Identity with Reem Abou Samra

Tazeen and Dr. Reem Abou-Samra talk about how to go from a fragmented identity to a unified sense of self-hood through poetry and politics and what it means to be an activist.

Books Mentions:

W.E.B. Du Bois- The Souls of Black Folk

Check out Reem's short poetry pieces on her Instagram

episode 11

Hip Hop: Preserving Sacred Spaces with Piper Carter

Tazeen and community organizer and co-founder of WeFoundHipHop, Piper Carter, discuss how Hip Hop is a means of preserving sacred spaces. 

Check out Piper's photography and WeFoundHipHop

episode 10

Modern Creative Writing for Historic Justice Issues with Aishah Gulam

Tazeen and award-winning poet, Aishah Gulam, discuss how modern mediums for creative writing can be used for historic justice issues, particularly issues of oppression of women, sexual abuse and assault, and religious persecution.

Check out more of Aishah's short poems on her IG

episode 9

Decolonizing Beauty Yoga with Leah Slagenwhite

Tazeen and Leah Slagenwhite, owner of Starseed Yoga, discuss Decolonizing Beauty Yoga and what it truly means to be honoring the practice, essence, and history of Yoga.

Check out Leah's Yoga studio, Starseed Yoga, and her Instagram for more content! 

episode 8

Spirituality and Self Care as a Guide for Arts and Activism

Tazeen and poet/educator Lady Khadija, discuss spirituality and self care as a guide for arts and activism.

Check out Khadija's website where you can find her bandcamp, podcast, and coloring book! 

episode 7

Life as a Creative Entrepreneur

Tazeen and talent developer, Ashley Peacock discuss life as a creative entrepreneur and how to deal with perfectionism and fears as an artist.

Check out Ashley's artists and their upcoming EP's!

Natalie Lucassian 

Jake McArthur

Billy Gunther

Stay connected with Ashley here

episode 6

Spirit Spaces and Honesty in Expression

Tazeen and Spoken Word and Communication Professor, Traci Currie, discuss the meaning of "spirit spaces," and what it means to be truthful, honest, and authentic in one's expression. 

Check out Traci's documentation of Spirit Spaces, watch her perform poetry here, and watch her talk more about The Color Purple here

Book Recommendations: 

Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

episode 5

Art Identity and Spirituality with Kamau Ayuvbi

Tazeen and Sufi poet and UM-Hospital chaplain, discuss art identity and spirituality as it relates to community, meditation, and reflection.

Check out Kamau's guided meditations online here

episode 4

Poetry as Healing with Ber-Henda Williams

Tazeen and Detroit Poet and Host, Ber-Henda Williams, talk about poetry as a means of healing in both the writing and performance stages.

Check out Ber-Henda Williams at

TED Talk Mentioned: 

Brene Brown: Vulnerability

Episode 3

Activism as Artists with Mahogany Jones

Tazeen Ayub and rapper/recording artist, Mahogany Jones, discuss what activism and advocacy looks like for artists.

episode 2

Jazz & Spirituality with Mike Monford

Tazeen and Detroit jazz saxophonist, Mike Monford, discuss the history and roots of jazz in the United States as a spiritual art form.

Check out Mike at

Books mentioned:

The Mysticism of Sound and Music (

episode 1

Health: Mind, Body, and Soul with Sophiyah E. 

Tazeen Ayub and singer/songwriter/pianist, Sophiyah E, discuss  health, mind, body, and soul and how all these aspects are related to music making and creativity.

Books and Sites Mentioned:

Water Experiment with Words:

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath:

The Ultimate Book of Vegetables by Susie Ferrie Possibilities by

Herbie Hancock and Lisa Dickey

Check out Sophiyah E. at:

Introducing: Digging Deeper

Listen to a description of Tazeen's new project, Digging Deeper!